Goodbye Turkey, Hello Greece



Yesterday I took the ferry from Bodrum in Turkey to Kos in Greece.  It took about an hour to cross the 3 miles between the two.  Kos is pretty popular vacation spot in part because of it’s proximity to Bodrum.  I took another ferry from Kos to Kalymnos, a smaller nearby island.  I’ll be spending a few days relaxing here.

View from my room in Kalymnos

View from my room in Kalymnos

Kalymnos is supposed to be a low key affair.  It’s well known for rock climbing.  I don’t plan on doing any climbing myself.  I’ll probably spend my time at the beach or driving around on a motor scooter.

I enjoyed Turkey quite a bit.  It didn’t take me long to realize just how big of a country it is and how little of it I actually saw.  It’s on my list of places to return to.  The sights, people, and food all contributed to my sentiments about the country.  I’d recommend it without hesitation.

My Australian traveling mates for the last week and a half also deserve a shout-out, like “What up, mates?”  Ryan and Paul were a lot of fun and a lot of help.  Best of luck to them as they continue on their travels through Turkey.

With Ryan and Paul at Ephesus