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Permann Throwback
Some things never change

Some things never change

The entire reason for me being in Ljubljana at this particular time is to meet up with my good friend and former apprentice Adam Permann.  Adam and I spent our time in the Marines together in the same platoon and then later trapped in the Charlie Company armory.

Anyone who has listened to more than few of my military stories is bound to have encountered Adam as a character.  He was quite possibly the biggest malcontent in the Marine Corps and a steady source of entertainment.  Traveling with him should be a bit different from my recent solo excursions.  We will be riding the rails for a whirlwind trip from Ljubljana to Prague via Italy, Austria, and Germany.  

Adam made a typically grand entrance when we met up in Ljubljana by knocking over a broom in our hostel, loudly complaining about his experience at the Paris airport, and wondering aloud if numbers meant the same thing in Slovenia as in the United States.

Our second day together was spent at romantic Lake Bled.  We walked around the lake, visited the lake's lone island, and explored the castle overlooking the area.  Adam managed to get threatened by a monk brandishing a large stick for repeatedly touch a map on a wall.  I doubt that will be the last time he draws the ire of someone over the next three weeks.