Grüß Gott


I continue to do a poor job of keeping this blog updated of late.  I've found that working on it while traveling solo is easier simply because I have more time to myself.  I will eventually get caught up and return to making the larger standard posts.

Adam and I are Munich right now.  We spent yesterday around the 1972 Olympic Park and BMW headquarters.  The BMW Museum kept us engaged for several hours.  It has to be one of the best company museums I've been to.  Lots of information and plenty of vehicles on display.

We arrived in Munich from Fulpmes, Austria, a small town near Innsbruck.  We had only planned on spending two days in Fulpmes, but that turned into four when realized how much there was to do in the area.  We hiked every day and got to do some via ferrata climbing.  The scenery is absolutely stunning in the area.  My 26th birthday also happened to pass while we were there.  The hostel staff and other guests made it a memorable one by having an American  themed dinner.  Pizza, hot dogs, and nachos seem to be the world's conception of American cuisine.  I can't really argue with that.  It was a good dinner and I was happy to spend my birthday the way that I did.