Tjeta from Kosovo


As I planned, my time in Macedonia was short.  It was a pleasant enough trip.  I probably could have spent another day in Skopje and then more time exploring the other areas of the country.  However, I need to be in Slovenia in about a week, so my time anywhere is limited.

In going between Macedonia and Skopje I took my first trains in Europe.  I cannot say that it was anything spectacular, but it was cheap and comfortable enough.  Going from Skopje to Pristina involves taking two separate trains (you switch at the border) and paying for each of them individually.  This is not a huge issue since you pay on the train, but it was slightly confusing at the time.  The train from Skopje to the border was 100 Macedonian denar (less than $2) and the train from the border to Pristina was €2.50 (about $2.75).

The views from the train are nice, but not stunning.  You get to see a mix of countryside and urban areas.  I also used it to catch up on some sleep.

The train from Skopje

Inside the Kosovar train car

Inside the Macedonian train car