Jambo from Nairobi


I’m currently in Nairobi, the capitol of Kenya and East Africa’s largest city.  In the two days I have been here the city has yet to live up to its “Nairobbery” nickname.  I’m hoping that it stays that way.

Doing what he does best: Alex bringing tears to the face of a small Zimbabwean child.  Stay strong kid!

Somehow it seems that I always end up with Australian travel companions.  For the last two months my faithful padawan from Maputo to Zanzibar was Alex.  During that time, I tutored him on the finer points of the English language and he worked to explain to me the details of the English Premier League.  We both made significant strides in understanding, but have great lengths to achieving mastery.  Alex abandoned me to return to work and Europe.  Thus, I’m back to bringin’ da ruckus on my own to Kenya and beyond.  We had a good run and I owe Alex a great deal for keeping me sane during many of the more testing moments of this trip.

Among the biggest inconveniences of traveling in Africa and Europe is the time difference between here and back home.  It is terrible for sports fans.  I am always envious of European soccer fans and their exceedingly reasonable start times and the fact that English soccer games are shown everywhere.  Being in Nairobi with a decent internet connection gave me the chance to catch Game 4 of the Blazers-Warriors series on a live stream.  This meant waking up early in the morning, but it was worth it.  All season long this team has punched above its weight and it was fun to catch them live without too many interruptions today.  Of course, a Blazers victory would have been much preferred, but it's hard to stop Steph Curry when he catches fire.  There's still Game 5 to look forward to.  Go Rip City!

In honor of the many journeys on African public transport Alex and I shared.