Hallo (again) from Germany


It has been a while since I've made any updates to the blog, more than anything that reflects the hurried pace I've been traveling at, as usual.  As I write this I am on a three hour train ride from Trier to Cologne, meaning that I finally have a block of time to string together a few sentences.

Since my last update I've moved considerably far north and west.  My travels have gone from Zagreb, Croatia, to Budapest, Hungary, to Bratislava, Slovakia, to Vienna, Austria, to Mauren, Liechtenstein, to Konstanz, Germany, to Heidelberg, to Frankfurt.  It's slightly overwhelming to think about all these places I've been in such a short amount of time.  The reason for this pace is twofold, I'm maximizing my use of my rail pass before it expires in the middle of November and I want to be in Spain at that time so that I can hop a ferry to Morocco when my visa expires.

The places I've been to in this time have varied in so many ways, but there wasn't one that I failed to enjoy (I might have appreciated if Bratislava had been less heavy on the rain).

The time in Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna was particularly fun because I managed to reunite with my Turkey travel mate Paul.  As I've said before, he's a lot of fun and a lot help.  He provides great entertainment on the road. 

My rail pass has been of real use lately as I've explored this part of Germany.  Most days I don't know where exactly I'm going to head until I'm on a train.  It also makes it possible to squeeze a lot into a day and do otherwise frivolous things like heading to Cologne just to grab a Kölsch.